Never Goodbye

Since I was just a little girl I have always had troubles with goodbyes. If you didn’t already know because you haven’t read my earlier posts my parents were divorced so my brother and I were forced to go back and fourth from one state to another state every year.

I loved with my dad during the school year and saw my mom every summer, every other christmas and every other spring break.

Going to my moms house I would get so excited. It was never hard to tell my dad goodbye because Continue reading

EXTRA EXTRA!!! Read all about it!!

Hello all. I am sorry from being away from you guys for awhile. I haven’t really been in the best of moods lately but IM BACK!!!

So here we go.

So we all know that when Caden was born he was born with six fingers, which means he has extra brain cells so he will be a smartie :). For those of you who didn’t know that little fact now you do.

Anyways I have been waiting patiently to see if these extra brain cells would help Caden learn things faster and guess what he has been doing and he isn’t even 2 months old until thursday?… Continue reading

The BIG surprise!

April 2011. The month and year I will never forget. My boyfriend and I had some rough times that month. We were an on again off again couple. My parents, of course, saw this as unhealthy for my growth and my future and advised me to just let go. How could I let go of someone who was the first person I ever brought home to meet my parents? The one I have been with for a year and 2 months (at the time)? The one I loved? I couldn’t. So I stayed.

First week of May I started to feel bloated and sick all the time and the smell of food disgusted me. Chris told me I looked like I was gaining baby weight. I blew that comment off cause I knew I couldn’t be. Continue reading

I used to be Obedient.

From the time I was a wee little girl I was always on my best behavior (amazing right). I never got into the kitchen cabinets (hell with me I don’t even think my parents needed to use kitchen cabinet locks). I never got into mommy’s makeup without asking. I always let my mom know if my little brother was into something he shouldn’t be in (like under the kitchen sink where the cleaning supplies were). I also always said please and thank you with a big smile on my face.

I was just the most perfect little angel don’t you think?

As I got older and started going to school I admit I did have a few slip ups in kindergarden with skipping school (yea I know right in KINDERGARDEN) and fibbing (what child didn’t). But really when it came to school I always did what I was told. I made good grades and I was very respectful. At home I cleaned my room when I was told or cleaned my mess in the living room even though I was in the middle of watching a movie.

I was such a obedient child that people Continue reading

Growing up in a military family.

English: The flag, on display in Washington DC.

Basically everyone in my family has done one thing or another for our country. My grandparents were navy and so was my aunt, and my mom and dad were army.

At a young age (I think when I was about 4 years old and my first brother was 2) my parents spilt up and got divorced. From there my mom remarried to man whom she later on divorced for very good reasons and my father also remarried to a woman who had the same classes as him in school and was also in the army.

Of course when two people who have kids decide to divorce they have to figure out an arrangement for child custody. Especially since one parent continued living in Germany on orders (my dad) and the other parent moved back to the states (my mom, she got out of the army after a few years). So of course, as many parents who are divorced cannot do is agree on a plan. So they went to court and my father got custody of my brother and I.

So with that said, I was four years old and lived in Germany with my father, brother and step mom and since my father was in the army (and to this day still is) that meant that for the rest of my childhood life I would never be able to settle in one place very long.

When people ask me where I am from or where do I call home Continue reading