I used to be Obedient.

From the time I was a wee little girl I was always on my best behavior (amazing right). I never got into the kitchen cabinets (hell with me I don’t even think my parents needed to use kitchen cabinet locks). I never got into mommy’s makeup without asking. I always let my mom know if my little brother was into something he shouldn’t be in (like under the kitchen sink where the cleaning supplies were). I also always said please and thank you with a big smile on my face.

I was just the most perfect little angel don’t you think?

As I got older and started going to school I admit I did have a few slip ups in kindergarden with skipping school (yea I know right in KINDERGARDEN) and fibbing (what child didn’t). But really when it came to school I always did what I was told. I made good grades and I was very respectful. At home I cleaned my room when I was told or cleaned my mess in the living room even though I was in the middle of watching a movie.

I was such a obedient child that people started expecting great things out of me and expected me to go down a great road in life with no slip ups.

It wasn’t until I started high school in Maryland that I started getting mouthy with my parents and start breaking the rules. It was the beginning of my teenage life what do you expect. They should have been prepared for this all the books tell you that teenagers are rebellious.

Boys was my major reason for my attitude really because my dad and step mom didn’t allow me to hang out with boys. That right there was goof up number one. Maybe if they would have just let me be a normal teenager and hang out with all my friends I wouldn’t be where I am at now (we will get to that later) because they should have known I will do the opposite of what they say at this point.

So I us to go to my cousins house a lot and hang out with her and all her friends since her mom aloud her to hang out with boys with adult supervision I didn’t see a problem in going over there and hanging out and not telling my parents that we hung out with guys and girls over there. I mean come on at least there was always adult supervision right? Well I got caught and so I wasn’t aloud to go over there anymore. That was some serious bullsh*t.

After we moved to Fayetteville, NC I kind of chilled a little bit because the fact that I was new and everything. I started my 10th grade year there. But let me tell you I have never seen so many cute boys in one place ever in my life. Fayetteville is a military town so there were all types of people there.

And after I got settled in school and made some friends things got a little messy. I had a few boyfriends my 10th grade year (nothing my parents to this day know about) but they weren’t anything. They were just someone I can hold hands with I guess. I only saw them in school.

When I turned 16 and my parents decided that they would allow me to start dating as long as I brought them home to meet them. After they told me that I sort of lost interest in boys. It wasn’t fun being able to do something that your parents aloud you to do (see I told you they messed up). So in the end my 10th grade year was a pretty chill year.

I didn’t bring any boy to meet my parents until after I turned 17 (which my birthday is in March by the way) and after I did thats when all the real drama of the rest of my high school years started.

7 comments on “I used to be Obedient.

  1. You sound like you were a good kid, but not letting you hang out with boys at all was a little unrealistic. You’ll have to write about when you skipped out of Kindergarten! That’s sounds pretty interesting! HA!

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