EXTRA EXTRA!!! Read all about it!!

Hello all. I am sorry from being away from you guys for awhile. I haven’t really been in the best of moods lately but IM BACK!!!

So here we go.

So we all know that when Caden was born he was born with six fingers, which means he has extra brain cells so he will be a smartie :). For those of you who didn’t know that little fact now you do.

Anyways I have been waiting patiently to see if these extra brain cells would help Caden learn things faster and guess what he has been doing and he isn’t even 2 months old until thursday?…

*Drum roll please!*

…HE has learned to roll over from his stomach to his back and also he has learned to hold his pacifier and take it out of his mouth and he almost has the putting it back in down but for the time being he gets fustrated with that part and just flings it away and cries.

He is so freaking smart!


10 comments on “EXTRA EXTRA!!! Read all about it!!

  1. Well the extra brain cells wouldn’t have done him any good if he hadnt started out with a super duper lot of them – from his Grams 😀 let;s not forget – and oh didn;t I tell you before that boys get their intelligence form their mothers? (true story) he really is precocious the little monkey – gonna be saying Grams any day now I can see the wheels turning in his oh so sweet little head Love him ! and his Mama too ❤

  2. And look at him smile! What a little cutie! Wow. He has phenomenal coordination. I’ve never heard of anything like it. At only two months! He’ll be crawling by the times he’s four months at this rate! Yes! He is definitely the next big thing!!! 🙂

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