Excuse me. Im sorry. Im really such a lady!

But when it comes down to it I will put your ass on blast when you disrespect or hurt me or my family.

I have watched my mom love you and give you everything your heart desired and this is how you treat her?

You have always been the one to talk about family. My mom was part of that family and what you have done to her no one on this earth deserves.”

That is how this post would have gone if I had continued writing it the other day after seeing that comment on my mom’s blog. I would have put all his shit on blast for everyone to see. But lucky him I let my mom write to see where this was going and I see that she is hurting.

There have been times when he has said some nasty things and my kind, respectful self just sat here like a bomb ticking waiting for that moment to explode. I finally did one day I told him and his wife (the cow as I call her to make my mom laugh) off. It was so bad that his wife said I was lucky that she didn’t file a police report saying I harrassed her (which I certainly did not, although I really wanted to I knew she would pull something like that so I held my tongue). She ended up blocking me off her facebook and on her phone. But what she doesn’t realize is that although I am sweet and kind I do have a whole other side that hardly any one has seen. My mother hasn’t even seen me in full force until this year I think. I can be a straight up bitch and make your life a living hell if I really wanted to. I am really good at that.

If only I was were they lived.

Anyways, I am tired of seeing my mother hurting and I tell him that every time I have to tell him off but I now realize that he isn’t here anymore. His body is but his soul isn’t.

I don’t know what to really say anymore. I have so much anger toward this man that I don’t even know what to say.

So this is where I shall end this post.