Growing up in a military family.

English: The flag, on display in Washington DC.

Basically everyone in my family has done one thing or another for our country. My grandparents were navy and so was my aunt, and my mom and dad were army.

At a young age (I think when I was about 4 years old and my first brother was 2) my parents spilt up and got divorced. From there my mom remarried to man whom she later on divorced for very good reasons and my father also remarried to a woman who had the same classes as him in school and was also in the army.

Of course when two people who have kids decide to divorce they have to figure out an arrangement for child custody. Especially since one parent continued living in Germany on orders (my dad) and the other parent moved back to the states (my mom, she got out of the army after a few years). So of course, as many parents who are divorced cannot do is agree on a plan. So they went to court and my father got custody of my brother and I.

So with that said, I was four years old and lived in Germany with my father, brother and step mom and since my father was in the army (and to this day still is) that meant that for the rest of my childhood life I would never be able to settle in one place very long.

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