My Crazy Thoughts

Again I don’t have much to say today but this …


Sometimes when I have a spoon in my hand I just want to throw it at some ones head and say “Oops Im sorry. I didn’t mean to it slipped”. When really it was meant for you and I walk away smiling. 🙂

That is all! 

5 comments on “My Crazy Thoughts

  1. I think next time I walk in the kitchen and you have a spoon and that look in your eye…. I will jsut turn around…unless someone that is behind me deserves it then I will stick my tongue out at you and ….duck! oops I love you Lauren ❤

      • well you wouldn’t be aiming for me would you? Right? I mean it would be like a ….sign…I see you with that look,,,and stick my tongue out and duck – it says….spoons away! at the poor soul behind me – not me….. you wouldn;t throw a spoon at me anyways… humph! probably a knife more like… 😀

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