And “BOOM” there it was!

There I was putting my son Caden into his tub and scrubbing him with tons of soap, thinking to my self how did I allow this to happen? I never thought in a million years this would happen.

So going back a little bit, if you read my moms post today on her blog then you know that we went to the mall today. It was a mandatory must that I got Wreck this Journal today. I have wanted one for about a week now. So my mom and I decided to go to Barnes and Noble. Caden’s first mall trip. Before we left the house I had taken a picture of him in his car seat and he didn’t look to happy.

Cover of "Wreck This Journal"

Cover of Wreck This Journal. This is what I so badly wanted!

I’m thinking that we were going to the mall just to do a quick run to the book store. Boy was I wrong. I should have known better. Me, my mother, and money at a mall… um yea bad idea.

We finally arrive at our destination. I get Caden out of the car and put him in the stroller. We walked in the cool very windy air to get to the doors of Barnes and Noble. We browsed around for a while and got what we came for and then continued browsing. Caden started to get fussy so I gave him his bottle. After that he was fine for a few minutes but then became fussy once again. He hadn’t poop in a day and it has been a MAJOR struggle for him.

Until, “BAM” Whoop there is was.

He had farted so loud (TMI but it was a poop fart) and it smelt so bad. I told my mom that we had to go before it started coming out because I knew it was a big one and I didn’t have a diaper or wipes on me.

So we checked out and went and got some Starbucks to go and we were on our way back towards book store so that we could go to the parking lot but then we decided to run to Bath and Body Works and get a 3 for $10 dollar sample bottles really quick. Once again I should have known not to let my mother go in that store. That is one store that my mother can spend hours in going back and forth. On the plus side I got to fill out an application.

While I was filling out the application Caden got fussy and I look over and what do I see… POOP on Caden’s arm and a puddle of poop right under him in his car seat. I told my mom we had to go and walked super fast to the car.

We raced home and the first thing I did when we got home was get his bath ready.

I cleaned him up really good and my momma helped me. He smelt so fresh and clean. A million times better than that poopy smell (which btw was so bad it lingered in the car and my bf later asked me what that horrible smell in the car was).

Lesson of the day was to never go to the mall by myself, or with my mother unprepared because we will be there longer then we want. We ended up spending about three hours there even though we got what we came for the first 20 min we were there.

8 comments on “And “BOOM” there it was!

  1. that was his FIRST mall trip? his very first? oh geez! Well that settles it – he takes after your side of the family. 🙂 his 16 yo Uncle did much the same thing n HIS first mall trip with Nana and me…. only difference was I had three diapers and we went to the restroom to change his and I took the first diaper off and put the second one under him and OMG he started again and didn;t STOP through the other 2 I had. and than shat the last one up that he had to wear until we got home – why don’t they sell diapers in the mall? Like a vending machine – ya know right beside the tampon machines……. I had fun.. sorry I took so long lol but you get pulled into the timesuck without too much of a fight lol… 🙂 Love!

  2. Hiya!
    Congratulations on having an outstanding and creative Blog! I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award, please check out my post (here to accept my award) to find out why I have nominated you and how you can accept it.
    Enjoy your day, and happy blogging.
    Little Emz x

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  4. Ha! Love the way you started out this, it really sucked me in. On the plus side Caden’s first trip to the mall was a memorable one and you’ll have something to tell about him when he brings home his first girlfriend. HA! The wreck my journal looks like lots of fun. 🙂

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