Cookie Monster came to visit.

Chips Ahoy! chocolate chip cookies

Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies!

Ever since my son was born I have had this strong craving for cookies. I have had them pretty much everyday since. When I don’t have them I dream about them. My mouth starts to water when I think about them and I go crazy for them. It gets so bad that I have to comment on my mothers own blog just to tell her I want some cookies.

Now, when I want cookies and I delegate the task to someone to get them for me they better be the right ones. You better not even think about bringing me some oreos or some off brand, chewy, soft not original type shitty cookies. They better be Lauren’s number one choice in cookies the one and only Chip Ahoy original because if they are not best believe I will send your ass back to the store so fast to get me some or all hell would break loose.

For this reason that I am so picky about my cookies I only trust one person and one person only to get my cookies and that would be my mother. I trust that se knows what kind of cookies I want without even having to say it. I can just tell her cookies and se comes back home with my favorites. Way to go mom! My boyfriend and my brother on the other hand I wouldn’t even waste my time asking because either they will forget or get me the wrong kind, although my boyfriend is getting better with this.

Just a little cookie rant for the day. By the way as I write this I am eating my chip Ahoy original cookies that I bought today! YUMMY!!!


5 comments on “Cookie Monster came to visit.

  1. kinda makes me want a donut…. it does a mother’s heart good to know that she knows exactly what to get, how to do it, what her child needs…and that her child trusts her above all others. I shoulda put Cookie Monster in your nursery lol…I used to have one when I was three and I have the picture to prove it….maybe I will post it just for you 🙂 Love! muah!

  2. Well, I’m certainly glad to hear that you are in the process of training your boyfriend to get your cookies for you correctly. It’s never too soon to start the process of training. Otherwise things could get out of hand and they could end up not only getting you the wrong cookies but they could go wrong on just about everything else when it comes to grocery shopping! So well done Lauren! You are obviously a quick learner!

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