Is my ass really that glittery?

Of course it is!

Since the fact that I am a teenager, every single little move I make seems to get noticed so my ass must be EXTREMELY glittery for people to notice.

I was nominated for this award by Linda Vernon and I thank her kindly, for this will give me my first chance of a little bit of fun to share with y’all on my new blog.

Glitter E. Yaynus Award!

Here are the rules:

  • Name five reasons people hate you
  • Name five things you would stick up your ass, if forced
  • Next run across a freeway blindfolded
  • Then pick your prom court

So let’s get started!

Five reasons people hate me

For me that should have been 5 reasons people don’t hate me. Because I’m a teenager and have to deal with the immature teenage bullshit, I’m hated for everything. People hate me because I’m pretty, I have gorgeous curly hair, my clothes look cute, I’m smart, I have the man you wanted, He likes me, I’m confident, Im worth it, people like me, and people hate you and I don’t give a shit and the list goes on and on.

Five things I would stick up my ass, if forced

  1. My cell-phone- so I can speak out my ass when needed
  2. My computer- so the power of the cloud isn’t just about my farts
  3. My lip gloss- So i can make all the shit I gotta say shiny, colorful and sometimes sweet and tasty
  4. Cookies- as an emergency supply so I don’t have to go comment on my moms blog to get them
  5. A shoe- so I can take it out and shove it up your ass

Now, run across a freeway blindfolded

I would if I didn’t have a shoe shoved up my ass. But if I didn’t have that darn shoe up my ass I would stop traffic and get my mom and ask her to show me how then follow right behind her because she falls for shit like that.

Pick your Prom Court

Yeldaba (because she has that funny sense of awkwardness that I love)

I guess that shall be it because I am new so Im still trying to find things I like. Was going to wait to post this till I found more blogs I liked but I am to excited for all that and just want to post this.

11 comments on “Is my ass really that glittery?

  1. Oh my…two of us glittering so shiny!!! The boys are gonna be jealous….er well ok… fall for what shit? Me? Ha!! 🙂 I am muy proud of you pumpkin …hey do you remember the sunflower?
    😉 love!

  2. Hahahaha! You are as funny as your mom. I loved the way you did this. And an a+ for what you would stick up you’re ass if forced. You’re not only funny, you are sensible too. A good combination!! 🙂

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