Teenage angst

When my parents first met Chris (my boyfriends name :)) they loved him. They said he was well-mannered and quiet and although he went into his past (a little too much)  they absolutely adored him.

The first few months of us dating were the greatest. Chris would come to my house and help my dad with house work (the kind that males do lol :)), although he didn’t want to, just so that he could come see me and spend a little bit if time with me because I wasn’t allowed to just go out and see him alone yet. For him that was different. He never did that for a girl. If he couldn’t see a girl out side of school or without her parents he wouldn’t even bother. Yet for me he did all that.

He came over for dinner a lot and even for our dinner parties and bbqs. It was like my parents were obsessed with him. Always asking how he was, and when he was coming over, and asked me to have him over almost every weekend. It felt as if I wasn’t in a relationship with just him, but also my parents.

All was good between my parents and I and my relationship with Chris was getting stronger and his family loved me. That year (2010) Chris graduated from high school and that meant he was going off to college in the fall.

I wasn’t sure what was going o happen to us over summer because I always went to my moms during the summer time to visit. After all we had only been together for 4 months before I left for the summer. We talked everyday while I was gone. Our relationship kind of went down hill though. Neither of us were used to long distance. We almost didn’t make it. We had our laughs but we also had our arguments (which out weighed the laughs).

Summer ended and we were once again back into each others arms it was AWESOME!!!! I only had a week with him before he left for college 2 hours away and that’s the first time I actually got to hang out with him without my parents. I was happy…..

…..Blah blah blah I’m getting tired of talking about the good stuff cause its a lot and I think you get it our relationship was great for a while so on with the good stuff, the whole point of this post….

When Chris left for college (although I saw him every weekend) we both had some trust issues with each other (especially with the opposite sex. Come on now we were teenagers and immature about relationships). We were both worried about what the other one was doing while we were apart. That led to a ton of endless nights arguing over the phone and even arguing while he was home.

My parents saw how much we were arguing and didn’t like it one bit. They advised me to just end the relationship but I was in love. I told them I know all they saw was the arguing (because most of it was on the phone) but they didn’t see the happiness we had when we were together and not arguing.

After his first semester in college, Chris decided to come home. He got a job and all was good for a while. Until one day a girl told him that I was talking to one of my ex-boyfriends that he didn’t like (which wasn’t true) and he said he even had a picture (that was all a lie. He said that to see if I would come out with something that I wasn’t suppose to be doing which I had nothing to hide). That day my parents saw the hurt I was in. They watched me yell and scream and cry over the phone. It was hurtful. That really hurt my dad watching that.

After that day my parents disliked Chris. They told me numerous times to end it and said he was emotionally abusive and that wasn’t healthy. But no I continued to be with him and love him. It only happened that once that he had messed with my emotions. My parents were angry that I stayed. They tried everything for this to stop. They took my car keys, took my phone. We had got into HUGE fights where I even got kicked out by my step mom and left with nothing but the clothes on my back and my purse (my dad didn’t allow that though and made us apologize to each other). They banned me from seeing Chris but everyday during lunch period I would go see him. I always made excuses on weekends to see him too.

We started going back to where they tell me I can’t do things and I did them anyways. I don’t see how they don’t see that, even to this day.

So seeing that I wasn’t going to give up on Chris they let me do what I want. My dad tried to convince my mom (my mommy not my step mom) to tell me hat he was no good or me because they know my mom and I have a close relationship. But my mom didn’t know him and she knew if she even tried telling me some crap like that I would throw it in her face that she didn’t know anything about him so how can she tell me he is no good.

April of 2011 was the worst part of my relationship with Chris. We were off and on that whole month. He didn’t even go to my prom with me which hurt but oh well I got over it. We did things to each other to try to hurt each other because we couldn’t be without each other and something had to hurt REALLY bad for us not to be together. Which something really bad did (but I’m not getting into our personal lives like that on here so use your imagination) happen.

Out of that whole entire month we shouldn’t even be together. But one thing kept us together… I was pregnant.

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