He had me at hello

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I knew my boyfriend when I was a sophomore and he was a junior but we weren’t really friends we just had some of the same friends and we definitely did not look at each other the way we do now.

We didn’t really take an interest into each other until January of my junior year and his senior year. He started saying hey to me in the hall way every time he walked past me and at first I didn’t know if he was talking to me so I just smiled but then I realized he was talking to me and I couldn’t understand why someone who never talked me all of a sudden starts saying hi to me every single day.

Then finally one day I got on facebook and decided to message him because he had befriended me on facebook. I asked him what’s up and how come he says hi to me everyday. He said he thought I was cute and would like to get to know me but he was headed out to a basketball game so he had asked for my number. I gave it to him and we talked by text message for a few days.

At first I played hard to get and told him I had a boyfriend when he asked if I had one. I didn’t lie because I did but he hadn’t been around for a while and I didn’t know where he went so I moved on.

So for about a week and a half after 4th period we would hang out in the cricket hallway (which is just a small hall way that connects one hall to another hall without having to go through the major halls) and talk about what we like and stuff.

The first time we ever kissed wasn’t after we started dating it was before (which for me made me want to really be with him). We had bumped into each other at a basketball game and I told him to pretend he was my boyfriend because this little middle school kid was stalking me and asking me to give him a kiss and wouldn’t leave me alone. So he did. We ended up not really watching the game. We were in the football hallway (which is just a hallway that leads to football locker rooms) and we were tugging each other towards one another ( all the while this kid is watching) and I was against the wall and I pulled him and he finally came towards me and had his hand against the wall and his face in my face (and boy was my heart thumping) and he asked “Can I kiss you?”. Of course I said yes and that moment when our lips touched I knew for sure (because I knew when he first started talking to me I wanted him but wasn’t sure) that this was meant to be. Sparks fired and it felt so right. After he held me tight. That was that. A few days later on February 19th 2010 we were officially a couple. It was wonderful.

Later on down the road he became my first real love and we also became high school sweet hearts. I love him dearly. Today, February 19th 2012 marks our 2 year anniversary.

I love you boo and Happy Anniversary!


5 comments on “He had me at hello

  1. Oh I love that story! What a great idea to have him pretend he was your boyfriend! I bet he loved that! Thank goodness for the little middle school kid. He turned up at just the right time I’d say!

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